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The Christmas Chronicles 3: Everything We Know So Far

The Christmas Chronicles 3: Given the popularity of the first two films, Netflix was able to move on to The Christmas Chronicles 3 without a problem.

In 2018, Christmas Chronicles received a general response from critics and broadcasters, which is why The Christmas Chronicles 2 premiered on the season of Holidays 2020.

With Netflix appearing to be heavily investing in Christmas movies, a third installment is expected to arrive.

Darby Camp stars as Kate Pierce in The Christmas Chronicles 2. While on a family vacation in Mexico, one of Santa’s ex-elves, Belsnickel (Julian Dennison), convinces her to send him to the North Pole via a worm. . .

There, Kate learns everything about Santa’s Village, a magical community of a million elves and 300,000 shops. Santa Claus (Kurt Russell) and Mrs. Claus (Goldie Hawn) reveal that Belsnickel has turned into a human after violating the five rules of the Elven Code.

Since Kate is a true believer, the rogue elf tries to destroy her spirit by Christmas. Destroy the poinsettia that protects the village from Santa Claus.

Here’s everything we know about The Christmas Chronicles 3, including air date, updates, cast details, plot, storyline & every News.

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Christmas Chronicles 2 includes time travel, which in turn tie in with the first film and establish Belsnickel as the villain.

However, it turns out the old elf just wants to feel loved and protected, which could continue in The Christmas Chronicles 3.

Will Netflix Make The Christmas Chronicles 3?

Christmas Chronicles 2 currently has a 62% tomato rating, which is always a good sign for a Netflix Christmas movie.

Before deciding on a third installment of the franchise, the streaming service will likely evaluate the number of screenings over several months to fully understand which sections of the film work (or not) best. Expect Netflix to announce The Christmas Chronicles 3 in 2021.

Release Date

While Netflix has not confirmed this, it is likely that a third film will be released in November 2022.

The first film was released on November 22, 2018, and the sequel followed on November 25, 2020. Given the interest from the production this year, it is unlikely that they will be able to shoot it in time for next November.

So it looks like the late November 2022 release will look like the first one we can see in the third movie if Netflix confirms it.

The cast of Christmas Chronicles 3

The Christmas Chronicles 3: Everything We Know So Far - Trending Update News
Image Source: Screen Rant

All major cast members are likely to return to The Christmas Chronicles 3. The franchise will likely continue to focus on Kate, a young character who fully believes in the power of Santa Claus (and Mrs. Claus).

Although Dennison later played a major role, his character suggests that he would return on Netflix for only one lead role in The Christmas Chronicles 3.


Unlike the first film, which ended with the debut of Mrs. Claus, the sequel didn’t end with a preview of the next film.

It could mean that it is like the ending of The Christmas Chronicles, but if Netflix confirmed another movie it wouldn’t be too difficult to continue the story as we later saw Santa Claus have a number of Chronicles. that tell all the stories. from…

That may have been vague at the time, but the sequel also explored Santa’s past, showing its origins in AD 312. It could very well be that the Trequel goes back in time to tell a story from its past tell.

“There was the technology, but I’d say 75 percent was makeup,” writer/director Chris Columbus told Insider. “It was similar to Kurt’s Guardians of the Galaxy. He had the same makeup face.” Wikipedia

A similar approach could be taken for the third film if they wanted to go back in time, but since he’s Santa, they could make Russell look like this and we’d buy it anyway.

Story Details The Christmas Chronicles 3
The Christmas Chronicles 3: Everything We Know So Far - Trending Update News
Image Source: Cinemablend

Christmas Chronicles 2 ends with a happy ending. During a time travel sequence in Boston in the 1990s, Kate meets a newer version of her father and finds that Santa gave her the opportunity to say hello.

Eventually, Belsnickel changed his mind after Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus expressed their love and support for him.

Dennison’s character becomes an elf again and reunites with all of his friends. Meanwhile, Kate and Jack return to Mexico and attend an exciting “Christmas Tree” show with their family on the beach.

A new villain is likely to appear in The Christmas Chronicles 3. In this case, Kate has an excuse to meet her friends from the North Pole and may even bring some friends for her next trip to Santa Claus Village.

According to Russell (via the New York Times), he sees the Netflix franchise not as a series of films but as an ongoing TV production: “We just found a way to do television. Go to the cinema and watch TV. ”


The trailer for the sequel was released on Netflix just a month before it was released.

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