The Crowded Room: Tom Holland lauded for intimate male scene

Posted By: Sophia Andrew

Posted On: July 16, 2023


A video of Tom Holland from his new show, The Crowded Room, is getting a lot of attention on Twitter. It has generated around 100,000 tweets mentioning him and a scene he did with another male actor.

Fans of the Spider-Man star are praising his versatility in the Apple TV series.

The show also features Amanda Seyfried, Emmy Rossum, and Sasha Lane. The story revolves around Holland’s character, who gets arrested after a shooting at Rockefeller in 1979.

Holland, who is 27 years old, recently shared that he will be taking a break from acting for a year because the role had a big impact on him.

In the thriller series, Tom Holland plays a character named Danny Sullivan. He gets arrested because people suspect he committed a really scary crime.

During interviews with a person who questions him (played by Amanda Seyfried), he talks about having a condition called alternate personality disorder.

In the show, one of his other personalities is a woman named Ariana, and there’s a scene where she has a close moment with a man. After watching that episode, viewers went on Twitter to share their thoughts.

They praised Tom for his amazing acting and for being able to take on different kinds of roles.

People really appreciate his versatility as an actor, and they think it’s important to have actors like him in Hollywood. Many fans consider him one of their favorite actors because he can play such diverse characters.

Another person wrote, “Tom Holland is amazingly talented in #TheCrowdedRoom. The first five episodes of the show kept us guessing.”

Someone else commented, “That particular scene of Tom Holland from The Crowded Room that’s circulating is not what people assume it is.

If they actually watched the show, they would understand that there’s a lot more to it psychologically. Although I must admit, it did surprise me.”

Another fan who liked what they saw said, “Tom Holland is doing an amazing job as an actor. I really love seeing his talent shine.”

“The Crowded Room is portrayed so well. It’s important to see someone dealing with mental health issues being understood instead of being portrayed as completely crazy!”

“Danny is not a bad person or a criminal. He’s someone who is trapped and truly needs support. He’s actually a good person, and none of this is his fault!”

These are some of the comments shared by viewers who appreciated the show and Tom Holland’s performance in it.

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