The Family Business Season 5 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Trailer, and Everything

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Posted On: September 15, 2023


The Family Business is an American crime drama series adapted from Carl Weber’s book of the same name. The first season premiered on November 13, 2018, and it has enjoyed consistent success through to its fourth season.

After the release of The Family Business Season 4 on September 1, 2022, featuring ten incredible episodes, fans are eagerly awaiting any updates on The Family Business Season 5.

What Will Be The Plot For The Family Business Season 5?

As The Family Business Season 5 begins, the devastating loss of LC Duncan still looms heavily over the family empire. Without their patriarch, the once-close Duncan clan is on the brink of turmoil. Now, it falls on Orlando, the reluctant heir, to take on the mantle of power and responsibility.

However, despite Orlando’s good intentions, his siblings have their own dreams and desires that don’t always align with his vision. Inside their luxurious mansion, shielded from the outside world, the Duncan siblings wrestle with their inner struggles. A complex game of deception plays out, blurring the boundaries between loyalty and betrayal.

The family’s illegal operations are under constant threat of exposure. Each episode will take the viewers on an electrifying journey of unexpected twists, and heart-stopping cliffhangers. Amid power struggles and hardships, alliances will be tested, and old wounds will be torn open.

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Who is Going to be Part of the Cast?

We can’t forecast any particular cast arrangements for The Family Business Season 5 because the producers haven’t confirmed it yet.

If the producers decide to bring back a second season of The Family Business, the projected cast members include :

Ernie Hudson will play L.C. Duncan

Valerie Pettiford will play Charlotte Duncan

Armand Assante will play Sal Dash

Darrin Henson will play Orlando Duncan

Emilio Rivera will play Alejandro Zuniga

Yadi Rivera will play Consuela Zuniga

Carlos Sotelo will play Miguel Zuniga

Javicia Leslie will play Paris Duncan

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. will play Harris Grant

Tami Roman will play London Duncan-Grant

Sean Ringgold will play Junior Duncan

Arrington Foster will play Rio Duncan

KJ Smith will play Sasha Duncan

Dylan Weber will play Nevada Duncan

The Family Business Season 5 Release Date:

The debut season of The Family Business premiered on November 13, 2018, featuring eight fantastic episodes. Since then, up to its fourth season released on September 1, 2022, the series has consistently garnered praise from its dedicated fanbase.

After the fourth season, everyone is eagerly anticipating news about The Family Business Season 5. However, as of now, there haven’t been any official renewal updates for the fifth season.


You can exclusively watch the entire fourth season on BET+. When the criminal drama first premiered in 2018, it received mixed reviews. However, despite the initial reception, the creators of the show decided to move forward and successfully produced an impressive trilogy of additional seasons.

The Family Business Season 5 Trailer:


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