‘The Flash’ hits theaters after years of hype and accusations against star Ezra Miller

Posted By: Sophia Andrew

Posted On: June 14, 2023


After almost ten years of development, the movie called ‘The Flash’ is finally coming to theaters this weekend.

The film is produced by Warner Bros. Discovery and arrives at a time when the company is going through significant changes. The star of the movie, Ezra Miller, has also been involved in some legal controversies.

Experts predict that ‘The Flash’ will make around $75 million to $85 million in its opening weekend, which is good news for the DC Comics franchise. Alongside Miller, the film features Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck reprising their roles as Batman from previous movies.

Two recent DC films, ‘Black Adam’ and ‘Shazam: Fury of the Gods,’ didn’t do well at the box office. They only made a little over $500 million globally combined. ‘Black Adam’ earned $67 million when it was released domestically in October, and the ‘Shazam!’ sequel made just $30.1 million in its first three days earlier this year. Both movies received negative reviews from critics.

‘The Flash,’ on the other hand, has received more positive reviews leading up to its release and is considered one of the best DC movies by some critics.

There were concerns that ‘The Flash’ might not be released at all after Ezra Miller made headlines in 2020 for a video showing them appearing to choke a fan. Miller faced further troubles in 2022, getting arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment at a karaoke bar in Hawaii. They were also accused of inappropriate behavior with minors.

Last year, Miller admitted to going through a difficult time and seeking treatment for mental health issues. They faced charges of felony burglary in Stamford, Vermont, but managed to avoid jail time with a plea deal in January.

Since then, Miller has kept a low profile and only recently made their return for the premiere of ‘The Flash’ in Los Angeles. They haven’t given any major interviews or done promotions for the film. Warner Bros. reportedly doesn’t have plans for future projects with Miller.

Before the screening, Miller thanked the co-chairs and co-chief executive officers of DC Studios, Peter Safran and James Gunn, for their support and understanding.

Safran and Gunn joined DC Studios in November to improve the studio’s performance at the box office. In January, they announced a new lineup of DC-based movies and TV shows, including projects featuring Superman, Batman, and Supergirl. Gunn, known for his successful work on Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ trilogy, is writing and directing the upcoming film ‘Superman: Legacy.’

‘The Flash,’ along with ‘Blue Beetle’ coming in August and ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ scheduled for December, mark the final movies from the old DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

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