The Nut Job 3: Air Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and all Major Updates

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Posted On: August 29, 2023


‘The Nut Job 3’ is an upcoming 3D computer-animated heist-comedy film that serves as the third installment in ‘The Nut Job’ series.

The movie is directed by Dan Scanlon and Troy Quane, and it’s being produced by Gulfstream Pictures, Redrover International, and ToonBox Entertainment.

This film is a sequel to ‘The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature,’ which was released in 2017. The production is helmed by producers Bonnie Arnold, Cecil Kramer, William Bindley, Mike Karz, and Daniel Woo.

While the specifics of the plot might not be fully revealed yet, you can expect the film to follow a comedic heist theme, similar to the previous entries in the series.

The storyline will likely involve the familiar characters from the franchise and their escapades. As more details emerge, we’ll get a clearer picture of what to expect from ‘The Nut Job 3.’

In this article, we will guide everything you need to know about the “The Nut Job 3” release date, cast, plot, and trailer.

The Nut Job 3 Release Date

In the closing scene, Frankie and Precious become parents to puppies, and the antagonist from the previous film, Raccoon, is seen swimming to shore while being trailed by sharks.

This ending sets up a potential demand for a third movie among viewers, as it suggests that Raccoon might seek revenge against Surly and Grayson to reclaim his leadership among the animals.

The series began with the first movie released in August 2014, followed by a sequel titled “Nutty by Nature” in 2017.

With three years having passed since the last movie, this year seems ideal for a new installment. However, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may have affected release plans.

While there hasn’t been an official announcement about the movie’s release date, it’s possible that we might see the new movie in the next year, 2021.

‘The Nut Job 3’ Cast

Fans can likely anticipate the return of familiar characters in the upcoming installment, which means that the previous actors could reprise their roles by providing their voices for the characters once again.

  • Will Arnett as Surly
  • Liam Neeson as Raccoon
  • Brendan Fraser as Grayson
  • Maya Rudolph as Precious
  • Jackie Chan as Mr. Feng
  • Katherine Heigl as Andie
  • Robert Tinkler as Buddy
  • Bobby Cannavale as Frankie
  • Sam Lavagninio
  • Duncan Joiner
  • Iain Armitage as Precious and Frankie’s Children
  • Jeff Dunham as Mole
  • Gabriel Iglesias as Jimmy
  • Sebastian Maniscalco as Johnny
  • Kari Wahlgren as Jamie
  • Robert Tinkler as Redline, a blue mouse
  • Julie Lemieux as Li’l Chip
  • Laraine Newman as Daredevil Chipmunk
  • Cal Brunker as Charming Chipmunk
  • Greg Chun as Mr. Feng’s Mouse Henchmen
  • Dave Fennoy as Mr. Feng’s Mouse Henchmen

The Nut Job 3 Twist:

Certainly, it’s expected that Surly, the main character, will return in the film. This means that Will Arnett will likely reprise his role by lending his voice to the heroic squirrel.

Some of Surly’s companions are also likely to make appearances. Brendan Fraser could potentially return as Grayson, the squirrel who imagines himself as the hero of the story.

Liam Neeson might continue to voice the Raccoon, who has a vendetta against Surly and poses a continued challenge for him.

Robert Tinkler is likely to return as Buddy, Surly’s cunning sidekick. Katherine Heigl is expected to lend her voice once again to Andie, the kind-hearted squirrel with whom Surly shares a budding romance.

The Nut Job 3 Fragrant: What Can It Be About?

‘The Nut Job 3′ could take a couple of different directions. One possibility is that we might follow Surly and his friends as they search for a new nut store.

There’s potential to explore the budding romance between Surly and Andie, delving deeper into their characters’ lives.

If a wedding is in the cards, it could bring lively celebrations. Additionally, some of Surly’s past adversaries might return to cause trouble, especially considering Raccoon’s lingering vendetta against Surly.

Another direction could involve the entire park facing a threat, requiring all the characters to come together to save their home.

The mayor previously attempted to take over the amusement park and failed. Could Surly and his friends succeed in protecting it this time? Regardless, we can expect moments of character development and plenty of fun in the mix.

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