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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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The PS5 has a Twitter Profanity Filter, which is no way to turn it off

Twitter Profanity Filter: Sony’s latest console has a hidden filter that prevents gamers from swearing on Twitter. It is currently not possible to turn it off.

Before the PlayStation 5 was released, Sony gradually announced many features that gamers have come to expect from the new console.

Now that the PS5 has finally hit some gamers. It appears that a feature has been revealed that is obviously a Twitter gossip filter that has no clear way of turning it off.

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The PS5 was released earlier this month and with it came the long-awaited glitches that always come with a new console version.

While Sony continues to work on many of these issues. Healthy gamers who damage the system have encountered console limitations.

Announcements and pre-launch demos can only provide certain information. It usually takes a few weeks, if not months, after its release for gamers to figure out what a new gaming system is really capable of.

During this time, players may occasionally discover a feature or two that were not announced prior to launch.

Twitter Profanity Filter

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The PS5 has a Twitter Profanity Filter, which is no way to turn it off - Trending Update News
Image Source: Screen Rant

The Gamer reports that PS5 players who tried to post on Twitter using the new console discovered a feature that prevents messages from being shared on the social media platform if the post contains swear words.

As TheGamer found out, there is no way to turn the filter off in the console menu. Other incidents have been reported where the filter is not working properly. And blocking posts that don’t contain anything obscene.

We may not have found a way to turn off the profanity filter yet. However, if this is an immutable characteristic.

The reason for its inclusion could be because of the terms of use, which are often overlooked. Before the PS5 was released.

Sony added the new console to the long list of materials that fall under the terms of use. While this practice is not new, technological developments in the current production system could give Sony more control over how this system is used than other consoles in the past.

While gamers are concerned and understandably concerned about censorship, Sony may have a heavy legal battle in its favor.

The PlayStation Code of Conduct, as set out in the Terms of Use, makes it clear that it intends to prevent as many negative interactions as possible through the console.

Combined with the section on license and content restrictions, it could be argued that when using the PS5 to compose a tweet, Sony has the right to determine what that tweet can and cannot do. say.

While Twitter allows the use of these words, by writing a tweet on a PlayStation 5, Sony can get the right to block them.

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