The Sandman Season 2: Release, Cast & Everything We Know

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Posted On: October 1, 2023


The Sandman is coming back for Season 2! Here’s what we know about the actors, story, and when it’ll be on Netflix.

Even though The Sandman’s first season came out in August 2022, Netflix didn’t decide to make a Season 2 until November of last year.

When they made the announcement, the creator Neil Gaiman said he’s teaming up again with Netflix, Warner Bros., and the executive producers Allan Heinberg and David Goyer to make more of The Sandman stories.

In this article, we will guide everything you need to know about The Sandman Season 2: Release, Cast & Everything We Know.

When Will The Sandman Season 2 Release on Netflix?

Neil Gaiman gave an update on The Sandman Season 2 in April. He shared on Tumblr that the scripts are all done, they’re in the process of finding actors for the first episode, and they’re even working on designing the sets.

“Scripts are written. We are casting the first episode we will be shooting. Sets are being designed.”

Barry Waldo, who is the husband of The Sandman’s production designer John Gary Steele, shared in a deleted tweet that the team began shooting on Monday, June 25. The Daily Mail also confirmed this with exclusive photos of the cast on set in the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, a actors’ strike started on July 14, which means a lot of the filming is still left to be done once the strike ends. Neil Gaiman mentioned on Tumblr that any potential delay in the production depends on how long the strike lasts.

“Whether or not any of ‘Sandman’ is delayed depends on how long the strike goes.

And there won’t be scab scripts on ‘Sandman.'”

The return of The Sandman on Netflix will depend on when the strikes involving writers and actors are resolved. Once a deal is reached, it seems like production will resume quickly.

Season 1 took nearly 10 months to film, from October 2020 to August 2021, and then it took another year before it was released on Netflix. However, Season 2 might not take as long as the previous season since it won’t be as affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Right now, it seems unlikely that The Sandman Season 2 will be available on Netflix before 2025, but there could be more surprises in store regarding its production and release.

Who Will Return in The Sandman 2’s Cast?

The Sandman had a fantastic cast for its first season on Netflix, with Tom Sturridge in the lead role as Morpheus/Dream, and he will continue to lead the way in Season 2.

Although Netflix hasn’t officially announced which characters will be returning, it’s expected that most of the main cast from Season 1, at least those who survived, will be back for the next set of episodes.

  • Tom Sturridge – Morpheus/Dream
  • Gwendoline Christie – Lucifer Morningstar
  • Vivienne Acheampong – Lucienne
  • Kirby Howell-Baptiste – Death
  • Mason Alexander Park – Desire
  • Donna Preston – Despair
  • Jenna Coleman – Johanna Constantine
  • Vanesu Samunyai – Rose Walker
  • Eddie Karanja – Jed Walker
  • Patton Oswalt – Matthew the Raven
  • Sanjeev Bhaskar – Cain
  • Asim Chaudhry – Able
  • Razane Jammal – Lyta Hall

According to a report from What’s on Netflix, the streaming platform is planning to cast four new characters from The Sandman comics for Season 2. These characters include three additional members of the seven Endless – Delirium, Destruction, and Destiny – and Barbie’s best friend, Wanda, who is a transgender woman.

There are rumors that Indya Moore, a transgender and non-binary actor known for their role in Pose, may be playing Wanda, as they were seen filming with Tom Sturridge in photos from the Daily Mail.

Additionally, Redanian Intelligence reported that Amber Rose Revah, known for her role in The Punisher, joined the production before the strikes began, although her role in the series is currently unknown.

In the bonus episode of the first season, it was revealed that Dream’s ex-wife Calliope had a son named Orpheus, who was believed to be dead. Recent set photos have shown an actor who appears to be Ruairi O’Connor from The Morning Show wearing a white outfit similar to Orpheus’ from the comics and carrying a lyre, which is a symbol from mythology.

It’s unclear whether Orpheus will appear in a flashback or if there will be a surprise twist involving his resurrection, but it looks like he will be a part of Season 2 and will have a confrontation with his father, Dream.

What Will Happen in The Sandman Season 2?

The original Sandman comic series had 10 volumes, and Season 1 of the TV adaptation covered the first two volumes, Preludes and Nocturnes, and The Doll’s House. For Season 2, many viewers are expecting it to delve into the third and fourth volumes, Dream Country (issues 17 to 20) and Season of Mists (issues 21 to 28).

Since the first two issues of Dream Country have already been adapted in Season 1’s bonus episode, they might be skipped. This could open the door for exploring the fifth volume, A Game of You.

In Season 2, fans might get to witness an encounter with the iconic playwright William Shakespeare as he stages his play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, for a unique audience of fantastical creatures, including the story’s characters.

There’s also the possibility of seeing DC Comics shape-shifter Element Girl, who struggles with her immortality in one of The Sandman’s stories. However, this story doesn’t include Morpheus, so it may or may not be included in the adaptation.

As Season 2 delves into the Season of Mists storyline, viewers could witness Morpheus being appointed as the ruler of hell and embarking on a quest to find a new leader for the domain. This intriguing journey may involve a wide range of contenders from various pantheons, including gods from Norse, Egyptian, and Japanese mythologies. It promises to bring a rich and diverse tapestry of characters and mythologies into the Sandman universe.

How Many Episodes Will The Sandman Season 2 Have?

The first season of The Sandman on Netflix had ten episodes, and it also included a bonus episode that told two more stories from the comic mythos, namely “A Dream of a Thousand Cats” and “Calliope.”

While the exact episode count for The Sandman’s second season hasn’t been officially confirmed, Netflix has promised “more episodes and stories” for the follow-up, avoiding the label of Season 2.

Despite the production taking the same nine-month duration as the COVID-19-impacted first season, there are reports from Redanian Intelligence suggesting that Season 2 may have a shorter eight-episode run, which is in line with the episode count of many other Netflix shows.

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