Tom Hanks On AI Making It Possible To Continue To Appear In Films Even After Death

Posted By: Sophia Andrew

Posted On: May 17, 2023


Tom Hanks delves into the realm of AI technology, exploring its potential to immortalize his presence in future films, even beyond his mortal existence.

In a captivating interview on The Adam Buxton Podcast, Hanks unveils a fascinating concept. He envisions a series of seven movies where he would star as his 32-year-old self, persisting until eternity. Such a bona fide possibility is within reach thanks to the advent of AI and deep fake technology, enabling anyone to effortlessly recreate themselves at any age.

Reflecting on the profound implications, Hanks muses, “I could be abruptly snuffed out by an unforeseen event, but my performances could endure indefinitely.” The sheer authenticity of these cinematic renditions would leave viewers unable to discern the difference, unless explicitly informed of the AI or deep fake origin. Such marvels would boast an undeniable lifelike quality, seamlessly blurring the line between reality and digital mastery.

As Hanks embarks on a collaboration with esteemed director Robert Zemeckis for the film Here, the employment of AI technology to de-age the actor becomes a strong possibility. Contemplating the reaction of audiences, Hanks wonders whether they would harbor any reservations or concerns regarding the incorporation of AI in filmmaking.

With the relentless progress of this technology, Hanks divulges that Hollywood agents are already deep in discussions, meticulously crafting contracts to safeguard the rights of actors. The legal community, along with guilds and agencies, strives to grapple with the intricate question of ownership and protection of one’s intellectual property — encompassing not only their visage but also their distinctive voice.

In this fascinating intersection of art and innovation, Tom Hanks serves as a thought-provoking herald, illuminating the myriad possibilities that lie ahead in the realm of AI-assisted filmmaking.

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