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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Valheim solves the most common problem in survival games

While there are many different survival games out there, Valheim manages to stand out from the crowd with its hassle-free engineers.

Valheim: While survival games are a dime right now, Viking Valheim’s new survival title stands out from the rest of the field and offers an experience like no other.

On the surface, Valheim looks like a pretty typical survival case. The player must travel the open world, gathering resources, spending time building shelters and tools, and fighting hostile enemies and animals.

These are all mechanics and concepts that players find in games like Rust, Stranded Deep, and The Forest.

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Something else happened with Valheim. However, this has resulted in the game taking third place on Steam for almost two weeks and why, at the time of writing, there are now nearly 400,000 players enrolled.

The reason Valheim has fascinated millions of players around the world is that, despite its rather brutal difficulty, it offers the player a way out and ignores the elements of survival whenever they want.

Whenever you die in Blackheim’s biomass against hordes of gray dwarfs, they are slowly killed by poisoning phenomena in the swamp, or if the third row in a row is sunk by a sea serpent, this becomes very frustrating for the player.

The choice to move to work on the foundation of your home without impact. It’s easy to create, only requires simple tools, and is a much faster process in Valheim than most games of this type, which means it is a great way to channel player frustrations. Wikipedia

In Valheim you can decide when it comes to the survival game

Valheim solves the most common problem in survival games - Trending Update News
In Valheim you can decide when it comes to the survival game

Since Valheim players don’t have to worry about typical survival game engineers like hunger, thirst, or temperature, they have free control over what their hearts are about.

Nothing prevents the player from building an entire fortress with a moat and defensive walls in Valheim in one sitting. You don’t have to take a break to find food or water.

Tools can be repaired for free at a nearby craft station. Clicking a button clears all errors and returns resources to the player’s warehouse.

The best part is that even if the player builds a house in Valheim for ten hours to ignore what is bothering them, they are still there when they want to come back.

This submerged burial chamber or crypt isn’t going anywhere and none of the enemies will find it.

The player’s fallen corpse also stays where it was forever, so future trips to Walheim can result in people finding and collecting their loot.

This ability to ignore the elements of survival in Valheim and just focus on building and building is one of the many reasons this is such an addicting and immersive game.

Instead of fretting, stopping when things get overwhelming, building a new home with peace and quiet, or growing a baroque carrot, these are great ways to calm yourself down before heading back into the fight.

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