When Will Ginny and Georgia Season 3 Release? New Update Teases Production Start

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Posted On: December 15, 2023


When will Season 3 of Ginny & Georgia be on Netflix?

It’s been almost a year since Season 2 of Ginny & Georgia came to Netflix. Fans are excited for Season 3, which was announced in May when the show got renewed for Season 4.

Ginny & Georgia Season 3 Gets an Update

Sarah Lampert, the creator of Ginny & Georgia, posted a selfie on her Instagram story from what looks like the Netflix series’ production office. In the background, you can see the artwork of the two main characters. Her caption, “[really] excited for Season 3,” suggests that she is gearing up for the development of the upcoming episodes.

As the development progresses and Ginny & Georgia Season 3 moves closer to production, fans may wonder what this means for the show’s return.

When Will Ginny & Georgia Season 3 Release on Netflix?

Ginny & Georgia got renewed for two more seasons in mid-May, but the writers’ strike in Hollywood slowed things down until it ended in September. Since then, the team might be in the early stages of writing Season 3. If all goes well in the next few weeks, filming could start in early 2024.

Looking at past timelines, Season 1 was filmed from August to December 2019, releasing in February 2021. Season 2 was produced from November 2021 to April 2022 and came out in January 2023. If Season 3 follows a similar pattern, with filming starting in early 2024, new episodes could be on Netflix in the first half of 2025.

However, since Netflix renewed Ginny & Georgia for Seasons 3 and 4 together, there’s a chance they might film both seasons back-to-back. If that happens, the longer development and filming time could push the release a bit later into 2025.

You can watch the first two seasons of Ginny & Georgia on Netflix now.

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