Who Is Ethan Slater? 5 Things to Know About the Actor

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Posted On: July 21, 2023


Big news in the entertainment world! People got all excited on Thursday (July 20) when they heard that Ariana Grande might be dating someone new. His name is Ethan Slater, and he’s 31 years old. Guess what? He’s also her co-star from Wicked!

Before this, Ariana was married to Dalton Gomez, but they recently broke up. It seems that Ethan was also in a relationship with a singer named Lilly Jay, and they were married for four years until November 2022.

Now, both Ariana and Ethan are single, and rumors say they started dating after their previous relationships ended. Everyone is talking about it!

Ariana Grande is acting in a new movie called Wicked, based on a famous Broadway show. She plays Glinda, and Cynthia Erivo plays Elphaba. The movie is going to be in two parts.

At first, it was going to come out on Christmas Day next year (Dec. 25, 2024), but now they decided to release Wicked Part 1 on Thanksgiving (Nov. 27, 2024).

In the movie, Ethan Slater acts as Boq, a little munchkin boy who has a crush on Glinda. It sounds cute!

Before this news, there were reports that Ariana and her husband Dalton Gomez broke up after being married for two years. They tried to get back together, but it didn’t work out. However, it’s nice to know they are still friends and talk on the phone.

So, exciting things are happening in Ariana Grande’s life both on and off the screen!

See below for everything you need to know about Ethan Slater:

1. What Is Ethan Slater Best Known For?

Ethan Slater is an actor who is famous for his performances in theater shows. One of his most well-known roles was playing SpongeBob SquarePants in the Broadway musical with the same name.

He did such a great job that he got nominated for a big award called the Tony in 2018, for Best Actor in a Musical. He also won other awards for his outstanding acting in the musical, like the Drama Desk Awards, Outer Critics Circle Awards, and Broadway.com Audience Awards in the same year. People really loved his performance!

2. Who Does Ethan Slater Play in the ‘Wicked’ Films?

In the new Wicked movies, Slater will be acting as Boq, and he will be working together with Grande, who plays Glinda.

In the stage musical, Boq meets Glinda at Shiz University, and he starts having feelings for her, but she doesn’t feel the same way back.

As the story goes on, Boq becomes an important character in the original Wizard of Oz story. So, we’ll get to see him grow and change throughout the films!

In December 2022, Slater shared a picture on Instagram of his and Grande’s feet during their filming rehearsal. He wrote a message saying that back in 1997, he had his first performance in a community theater near his neighborhood.

And now, he’s super excited to be part of an amazing group of people in the movie, from Toto to Boq. He can’t believe how far he’s come!

3. When Did Ethan Slater Start Dating Ariana Grande?

Grande and Slater probably first met while working on Wicked, which they started filming in December 2022. In that month, Grande was really happy for Slater when he got the role, and she showed her excitement by posting a selfie of them rehearsing together on her Instagram.

She wrote a funny caption, saying it felt like they knew each other for a long time, even though it had only been a short while. They seem to be having a great time working on the movie together!

4. Who Is Ethan Slater’s Ex-Wife?

After people found out about Slater and Grande’s relationship, it was said that he was no longer living with his wife, Lilly Jay.

They got married in November 2018, and in November 2022, they celebrated 10 years of being together as a couple. Slater posted some pictures with Jay on his Instagram and wrote a sweet message, calling her his best friend.

He said they had been married for 4 years, and they’d been together for 10 years in total. He also mentioned that this year was the best and most unusual one they had experienced together.

5. Does Ethan Slater Have Any Kids?

In January 2023, Slater told everyone that he and Jay became parents to a baby boy. He posted a slideshow of pictures on his social media.

The first picture was from December 2022, the second one was from December 2021, and the third one was more recent. The pictures included pregnancy tests and a cute onesie that said: “wicked cute.”

Then, in May 2023, on Mother’s Day, Slater shared a special post dedicated to Jay. He showed a picture of their baby boy for the first time, and also a picture of their hands together.

He wished Jay a happy first Mother’s Day and said she was the most loving, caring, and wonderful mom in the world. Both Slater and their little guy were sending her lots of love on that special day!

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