Who is Linda Harding, wife of Hamish Harding, lost in the Titanic Submersible?

Posted By: Shweta Khandal

Posted On: June 23, 2023


The world is sad because Hamish Harding passed away while on a mission in a submarine called the Titanic. His wife, Linda Harding, feels comforted by the kind messages and condolences she has received from their loved ones.

Linda remembers how adventurous and curious Hamish was. He went on many exciting expeditions. Unfortunately, he lost his life while exploring the wreckage of the Titanic in the deep ocean.

Linda is a private person who prefers to live a quiet life away from the public’s attention. She supported Hamish in his amazing adventures, even though she didn’t seek the same fame as him. They had two sons together, Rory and Giles, who always cheered for their father. They celebrated his achievements, like when he set Guinness World Records or went on dangerous deep-sea missions. But ever since Hamish went missing, both Rory and Giles have chosen to stay away from public view. They are dealing with their own deep sadness in private.

If you want to get a glimpse into the incredible life of Hamish and his family, you can check out Giles’s Instagram account. He shares pictures that show the exciting adventures he had with his father, giving you a window into their thrilling experiences.

Linda also has two sons from a previous relationship who are part of their blended family. One of them is Brian Szasz, who had a close and special relationship with Hamish. When Hamish went missing, Brian shared the sad news on Facebook. However, at Linda’s request, he decided to remove the post to protect their family’s privacy during this difficult time.

Linda’s other son, Lauren, is also an important member of the family. He, like his brother Brian, had a strong bond with Hamish.

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