Who Were We Running From Season 2 Release Date, Cast And More

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Season 2 of ‘Who Were We Running From’ is here! If you love thrilling shows, you should watch this Turkish crime drama on Netflix.

In season 1, the drama follows a mother and her daughter on the run, trying to escape their past and overcoming many challenges. The season ends with an exciting finale, making fans eager for a second season.

If you’re curious whether there will be a season 2 of ‘Who Were We Running From,’ you’re in the right place. We’ll provide you with all the details about the show’s potential second season.

In this article, we will guide everything you need to know about the Who Were We Running From Season 2 Release Date, Cast, plot, And More.

Who Were We Running From Season 2 Key Highlight

The production team hasn’t given any official updates yet, but they are interested in making a season 2, just like the audience.

Reviews for ‘Who Were We Running From’ are mostly positive. However, some viewers have mentioned that the story can be a bit repetitive.

You can watch ‘Who Were We Running From’ on Netflix.

Who Were We Running From Season 2 Release Date

The first season of ‘Who Were We Running From’ premiered on March 24, 2023, featuring seven episodes. Fans are eagerly anticipating a second season, especially because of the suspenseful and open-ended conclusion of the first season.

As of now, Netflix has not announced the release date for Season 2. This might be because it’s only been a few months since Season 1 was released. The production team hasn’t provided any official information either, but both the creators and the audience are enthusiastic about the possibility of a second season.

Considering the success of the first season, it’s reasonable to expect a Season 2 in the coming years. The next season could explore the future of the character Bambi.

Who Were We Running From Season 2 Spoiler

Looking ahead, there are several interesting theories for Season 2. One possibility is that Bambi’s father could enter the show, providing her with a reliable support system since her mother is no longer alive.

The plot might become more intricate, with Bambi facing various challenges and obstacles on her own, creating a thrilling and suspenseful storyline. We could see both a reduction and an increase in the number of characters, adding more complexity to the narrative.

Bambi’s journey is expected to be gripping and exciting for the audience, but it’s challenging to predict exactly what the creators have in store for us. To stay updated on any new developments, be sure to keep reading our articles for the latest details as they are revealed.

Who Were We Running From Season 1 Recap Summary

In the final episode of Season 1, Bambi and her mother choose to stay at a hotel called ‘Paradise Hotel.’ However, things take a dark turn when the hotel’s resident doctor harms Bambi while her mother is away.

When Bambi learns of this, she takes action and kills the resident doctor. In a desperate move, Bambi’s mother also kills the hotel manager, who was attempting to hand them over to the police.

With no other option, the mother and daughter escape to an island. The police, who were already searching for them, intensified their efforts to find them.

Bambi and her mother are in dire need of money, and the mother remembers she owns an unsold island. She arranges to sell it but soon discovers that the supposed buyer is her father, and it’s all a trap.

In a harrowing encounter, Bambi steps in and stabs her grandfather multiple times to protect her mother. To provide for Bambi, her mother resorts to robbing a store.

Eventually, the police track them down, resulting in a confrontation where Bambi’s mother is shot. Following her mother’s instructions, Bambi manages to escape, leaving her alone in the world.

Who Were We Running From Storyline

Bambi is a young teenager, always on the move with her mother. The show gradually unravels their mysterious past as they hop from one hotel to another.

They are extremely cautious around others and dress Bambi in a way that confuses people since she looks older than her age.

Their journey is filled with violence, with the mother committing several murders and attempted murders. The core mystery revolves around the mother’s troubled history.

The mother is determined to protect her daughter from their own family. Bambi’s birth with a car mechanic makes her family, who are wealthy and traditional, want to harm her daughter.

This forces the mother to attempt the murder of her own parents. In the end, the police fatally shoot Bambi’s mother. Bambi follows her mother’s last instruction and escapes.

The story concludes in an open-ended manner, leaving us uncertain about Bambi’s future. This leaves us eagerly anticipating Season 2 as we wonder what lies ahead for Bambi.

Who Were We Running From Season 2 Cast

Cast Character
Melisa Sözen Mother
Eylül Tumbar Bambi
Musa Uzunlar Mother’s Father
Birand Tunca  Blonde Commissar
Cem Uslu Estate agent
Ada Sahin Child Mother
Kenan Kilavun  Father’s Chauffeur
Can Kalav Master
Nalan Kuruçim Bank manager

Who Were We Running From Series Rating

‘Who Were We Running From’ receives mixed but generally positive reviews from different sources. On Rotten Tomatoes, it holds a rating of 70%. IMDB rates it at 5.8/10, and Common Sense Media gives it a rating of 3/5.

While the show has garnered praise for various aspects, some audience members have noted that the plot can be repetitive at times. Despite this, it appears that the majority of viewers still find it engaging and worthwhile.

Where To Watch Who Were We Running From Series

‘Who Were We Running From’ is available for streaming on Netflix. This Turkish drama has gained critical acclaim for its outstanding performances and engaging plotline, making it a popular choice among viewers.


To sum up, there is currently no release date for ‘Who Were We Running From’ Season 2. Nevertheless, the success of Season 1 has generated significant interest from the audience.

The strong demand from viewers could potentially expedite the announcement of Season 2. We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available. Stay tuned for further details.

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