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Why Anthem 2.0 was canceled ?

Despite a year of growth in the background, the revival of the third-person shooter by Anthem BioWare has been canceled.

Anthem 2.0 – Whether as madness or a missed opportunity, Anthem’s story will go down in video game history like a flop.

BioWare has spent years creating an iceberg of knowledge and history for its inexplicably anonymous planet, but players could only see a small fraction of that in the final product.

Like many other games that have tried to emulate live service titles like Destiny 2 or Fortnite, Anthem’s unique game hook failed to overcome the lack of a general game cycle and battle.

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BioWare tried to fix the problem by restarting Anthem Next (aka Anthem 2.0), but Anthem is now completely dead and those who were still optimistic are wondering why.

Perhaps the simplest answer to this question lies in BioWare’s status as a studio.

Last-generation consoles have not been kind to the developers responsible for Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Jade Empire. Mass Effect: Andromeda was developed by a team younger than BioWare as the studio’s main focus remained on Anthem, but that team quickly proved inadequate to tackle the final line of the Space series.

When the game finally reached a vital state, a buggy version and broken game made Andromeda a joke.

Publisher EA canceled the game’s DLC and Mass Effect appeared to be dead in the water. All of BioWare’s hopes were therefore based on Anthem.

At launch, Anthem certainly wasn’t as broken as Andromeda, but players weren’t drawn to the game that would shape the future of BioWare.

It was a fun shooter with no good loot, an endless endless game, and a social game with no many social ties.

Using BioWare’s update path map, Anthem was able to make emergency fixes to prevent players from bleeding, but there was no turning back.

The only way to fix Anthem was to do a complete remake, which a small studio team had been working on up until this week.

Anthem 2.0 – Why Was BioWare’s Anthem Next Reboot Canceled?

 Why Anthem 2.0 was canceled ? - Trending Update News
Why Was BioWare’s Anthem Next Reboot Canceled?

Along with the remake, BioWare worked on the next game in the Dragon Age series.

It is fixing its issues early on, but all the signs seem to be pointing to the game being on its way. BioWare will be announcing a new Mass Effect game along the way. Wikipedia 

BioWare’s mission at this point appears to be to overthrow the ship, and there is an anthem in the past that BioWare appears to be seeking recovery from.

Additionally, BioWare noted that COVID-19 was an important part of Anthem Next’s decision to reverse, stating that “Working from home during the pandemic affected our productivity and not everything we previously expected as a studio. Being COVID-19 was achieved without putting too much pressure on our teams. “

Despite a year of work by a small team, it makes sense to let Anthem fail and focus on the future.

The small base of players who could return for a second aid from Space Jet Packs is likely to pale compared to those looking to return to the adventures of the most popular BioWare franchise.

The whole story of the anthem is ultimately rather unfortunate. There was a buzz for the game prior to its release, and the flying game easily impressed those who tried it.

Ultimately, the game industry needs more games like Anthem – whole new worlds that do things a little differently.

If Anthem was a more traditional adventure it could lead to the many profitable sequels EA is likely to consider.

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