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Wild Strawberry Chapter 6 Release Date: The comic series “Wild Strawberry” is rapidly gaining popularity. Despite only having released the first two episodes, it has already garnered a substantial fanbase. Ire Yonemoto is the creative mind behind this comic tale. The manga blends action and fantasy elements, creating a unique narrative. In the world where the story unfolds, trees have undergone transformations over time.

Through consuming humans, they gain the ability to transform into fearsome Jinka creatures. In a Tokyo now dominated by plants, Kingo and Kayano attempt to survive. However, when Kayano undergoes a Jinka transformation, Kingo becomes determined to do whatever it takes to bring her back.

In our blog post, we discussed the release date of the upcoming chapter, where to discover raw scans, details, and summaries, as well as where to access the chapter for reading. Keep reading to find out all the essential information about the upcoming chapter.

Wild Strawberry Chapter 6 Release Date

We understand your curiosity regarding the release date of “Wild Strawberry Chapter 6.” The next chapter of Wild Strawberry is anticipated to be published on September 7, 2023.

Time Zone Date Time
Pacific Standard Time Thursday, September 7 4:30 am
Central Standard Time Thursday, September 7 6:30 am
Eastern Standard Time Thursday, September 7 7:30 am
British Summer Time Thursday, September 7 12:30 am
Indian Standard Time Thursday, September 7 5:00 pm
Central European Summer Time Thursday, September 7 1:30 pm
Australian Central Daylight Time Thursday, September 7 9:00 pm
Philippines Time Thursday, September 7 7:30 pm
Brazil Time Thursday, September 7 8:30 am
Arabian Daylight Time Thursday, September 7 3:30 pm
Eastern European Summer Time Thursday, September 7 2:30 pm
Mountain Daylight Time Thursday, September 7 5:30 am

Wild Strawberry Chapter 6 Spoilers

Chapter 6 of Wild Strawberry is expected to continue from where the last chapter concluded, highlighting the addition of a new member to the Flower Funeral Force. This character has been closely watching Kingo and his companion’s fight, suggesting they might have confidence in Kingo’s dedication to humanity.

Yet, it’s also possible that this fresh character might present Kingo with tasks or trials to demonstrate his suitability if he wants to become part of the Flower Funeral Force. These challenges could be connected to his commitment to the mission or his skills in facing the powerful foes of nature. Kingo’s determination to rescue his sister serves as a powerful motivator, making it probable that he’ll be prepared to take on these trials no matter what.

Moreover, readers can look forward to additional character growth, which might reveal more about the Flower Funeral Force members’ motivations and backgrounds. The manga could delve further into the enigmas surrounding this group and their mission to stand against the natural forces that pose a threat to humanity.

Although these are just educated guesses, they follow the usual storytelling pattern in manga like Wild Strawberry, where characters confront hurdles and trials that shape their personalities as they move closer to their objectives. Readers can anticipate an enthralling and tense continuation of the narrative in Chapter 6.

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Wild Strawberry Chapter 6 Raw Scans

Fans of Wild Strawberry are eagerly awaiting the next installment, especially considering the intriguing ending of the previous one. It’s worth noting that raw images are typically circulated three or four days prior to the official release of the chapter.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide raw scans at the moment. Nevertheless, we’re actively monitoring sources for any potential raw scans or early leaks about the upcoming episode. Stay tuned for more details about the raw scans in the next section.

Where to Read Wild Strawberry Chapter 6

We understand that everyone is curious about where to read the manga, and we’re here to provide you with all the necessary details. The upcoming chapter of “Wild Strawberry” can be found on the popular manga platform MangaPlus.

MangaPlus is a user-friendly website that offers a smooth experience without any glitches or issues. Besides “Wild Strawberry,” MangaPlus offers a variety of other captivating manga and books as well. Don’t miss out on the thrilling manga “Infinite Mage Chapter 48.”

Story Line of Wild Strawberry Chapter 5

In Chapter 5 of Wild Strawberry, the plot takes a dramatic twist as the fierce clash between Kingo, now transformed into a Jinka, and the mysterious girl Kayano of the Flower Funeral Force commences. As the battle unfolds, Makki, who’s watching closely, notices an unusual development. Kingo’s demeanor has changed, and it’s unveiled that Kayano has seized control of his body, fueled by her anger.

Despite its previous strength, Kayano’s Pruning Spears ability proves ineffective against Kingo’s resilient Jinka armor. Amid the tumult and Kingo’s persistent cries, Makki discerns that he’s actively fighting against Kayano’s control. The battle unfolds in a street overwhelmed by a sticky type of Jinkas, ensnaring both the girl and Makki. Nevertheless, Kingo takes a courageous and selfless step. He leaps from a considerable height, utilizing his Jinka abilities to eradicate all the nearby Jinkas, ensuring the safety of Makki and the girl.

Following this dramatic gesture, Kingo regains his awareness and strives to communicate his non-threatening intentions to the girl. Instead of gratitude, he’s met with a kick. The girl engages Kingo in a discussion, advising him against arrogance and underscoring the intricate nature of their interaction. As tensions escalate, a new and enigmatic figure, dressed in the attire of the Flower Funeral Force, suddenly emerges. He presents a surprising question to Kingo, inquiring whether he is a human or a Jinka. This unforeseen twist leaves everyone astounded and paves the way for more suspense and revelations in the storyline.


To sum it up, “Wild Strawberry” is a rapidly growing comic series recognized for its distinctive blend of action and dreamlike storytelling. Penned by Ire Yonemoto, the story revolves around a realm where consuming specific trees transforms individuals into creatures known as Jinka. Chapter 6 is anticipated to be released on September 7, 2023, in various regions across the world.

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