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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Wonder Woman 1984 Eyes Early Debut on Demand in the U.K.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be in UK theaters for just one month from December 16, before a premium video-on-demand (PVOD) may be broadcast live on Sky.

The agreement between Warner Bros. and Sky, the Comcast-backed pay-TV company, has not yet been finalized and the exact terms are pending.

But talks are at an advanced stage. While the pursuit of a box office hit with Gal Gadot won’t be in theaters or on the day and date of the movie set.

The move means unprecedented flexibility on the part of exhibitors across the country.

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Sources say that the Wednesday, December 16, the theatrical release of “Wonder Woman 1984”, which Warner originally set in his international release schedule last week, has been confirmed by local exhibitors.

Meanwhile, “Wonder Woman 1984” is believed not to appear on Sky until a month after the film was released. Although this has not yet been confirmed.

The film could appear in various formats on Sky. For example, it can be rented through a standard VoD transaction through the Sky Store and then landed on the Sky Cinema service.

Sky Cinema, also available as part of Sky SVOD Now TV, is available in the UK and Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Italy, although it is not known if Wonder Woman 1984 will be available. In all of these countries.

Wonder Woman 1984 Eyes Early Debut on Demand in the U.K. - Trending Update News
Image Source: CNBC

The deal with Sky is a clear sign of the times in the UK and it should be noted that exhibitors want the deal to be an exception in exceptional circumstances and not the rule in the future.

“To help our studios and partners, we need to consider a COVID emergency window, which is the ultimate flexibility to get movies on screens,” says a senior source familiar with the UK debate.

“Anyone who says the story of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is not a precedent for the future is realizing that we are finding ways to work together.”

Wonder Woman 1984

Table of Contents

Wonder Woman 1984 Eyes Early Debut on Demand in the U.K. - Trending Update News
Image Source: Sky News

The UK storefront lasts around 16 weeks. According to the UK Film Association, films hit theaters an average of 109 days (just over 15 weeks) in 2019.

Many starts have smaller windows, while some benefit from longer runs. Warners premiered Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” in the UK in late August, where the film ran in theaters for 13 weeks for a gross price of $ 23 million.

Patty Jenkins’ first “Wonder Woman” film in 2017 grossed $ 28 million in the UK for 30 weeks, but the studio could switch gears due to uncertainty over the UK closure during the holiday season as well as indefinitely. . Closed film channels like Cineworld, the largest exhibition company in the country.

Wonder Woman 1984 Eyes Early Debut on Demand in the U.K. - Trending Update News
Image Source: CinemaBlend

A second national bloc in England, which ends on Wednesday, December 2nd, is undoubtedly having complicated issues for the movie’s release.

England has now reverted to a three-tier system, and while cinemas in Category 2 cities like London and Liverpool can legally reopen, other large, high-density urban cinemas such as Greater Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol are on Stage 3 – the highest alert – which means that cinemas have to be closed.

Wales resumed the lockout on December 4th and criticism is expected on December 17th.

In the US, “Wonder Woman 1984” will hit the big screen on December 25th as planned and will also air on the WarnerMedia HBO Max streaming service, which is currently only available in the US.

The film will premiere abroad on December 16.

Sky and Warners declined to comment on the story.

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