Yessma OTT Web Series Cast With Photos And Series List

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Posted On: August 26, 2023


Yessma Series Cast: Yessma is an OTT platform that mainly focuses on people who love Malayalam content. It started in August 2022. The website has put out a few TV shows with really good actors. This makes people curious about the real names and pictures of the actors.

Yessma web series cast is always being updated. You can find the real names and photos of the actresses on the Yessma web series and series list below.

Yessma Series Web series & movie list

Yessma Series Cast: The Kamasutram Web Series will begin streaming on the Yessma digital platform starting on June 5th, 2023.

The Kodaikanal Malayalam Web Series can be watched on the Yessma OTT platform from May 20th, 2023, but it’s only for subscribers who are 18 years or older.

If you use the Yessma app, you can also enjoy the Pulinjikka 2 Web Series starting from May 6th, 2023.

Subscribers can also watch the first season of the Pulinjikka Web Series.

The Kinnarathumbikal Web Series is currently available on the OTT platform since March 16th, 2023. It’s meant for subscribers who are 18 years or older.

Movie / Web Series Name Release Date
Pal Payasam Season 2 Yessma Web Series 20 August 2023
Love Pill Yessma Web Series 10 August 2023
Pappadam (Yessma) Web Series 4 August 2023
Avesham Web Series 7 July 2023
Psychedelic Love Web Series 19 June 2023
Kamasutram Web Series 5 June 2023
Kodaikanal Web Series 20 May 2023
Kinnaratumbikal Part 2 Web Series March 2023
Kinnaratumbikal Part 1 16 March 2023
Nancy Malayalam Web Series 29 July 2022
Pulinjikka Part 2 Web Series 6 May 2023
Pulinjikka Part 1 Yessma Web Series 29 April 2023
Vishu kaineettam 2 Web Series 25 April 2023
Vishu Kaineettam Web Series 15 April 2023
Vishukkani Web Series 15 April 2023
Sreerangam Part 2 Web Series 8 April 2023
Sreerangam Web Series 22 December 2022
Selinte Tution Class Web Series 21 August 2022
Pal Payasam 2 Web Series 22 September 2022
Paal Payasam Web Series 25 September 2022
Ladies Hostel Web Series 9 October 2022
Hot Stone Web Series 5 November 2022
The Sound of Forest Episode 1 Web Series 7 December 2022
The Sound of Forest Episode 2 Web Series 14 December 2022
The Plum Cake Episode 1 Web Series 25 December 2022
The Plum Cake Episode 2 Yessma Web Series 11 January 2023
Hope Yessma Web Series 3 February 2023

Yessma OTT Web Series Cast

1. Selinte Tution Class Cast (Yessma Series)

Selinte Tution Class Cast (Yessma Series)

Real Name – Mariya Rose Varghese

Genre: 18+, Romance, Drama

2. Nancy Cast (Yessma App)

Nancy Cast (Yessma App)

Nancy Cast (Yessma App)

Real Name – Anjana Angelina

Real Name – Sajna Saaj

Genre: 18+, Romance, Drama

6. Room No 222 Cast

Real Name – Abhilash

Real Name – Madhuri

7. The Sounds of Forest Cast (Yessma Series)

Real Name – Kadeeja Shareef

Genre: 18+, Romance, Drama

8. Sreeragam Cast (Yessma Series)

Real Name – Nisha

Genre: 18+, Romance

9. Plum Cake Web Series Cast

Real Name – Anisha

Genre: Drama, 18+

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