YouTube went down but now announces fix after global problems Wednesday

YouTube Down: On Wednesday, YouTube users around the world struggled to play videos on the site for more than an hour. There were problems loading videos during the interruption.

YouTube has recovered from a global blackout where videos were not loaded for about an hour. Many Verge employees were unable to watch videos during the arrest and YouTube was confirmed at 7:23 pm AND that something happened:

The problem appears to affect other services that also use YouTube’s infrastructure, such as YouTube TV and the movies and TV shows you would buy through Google TV (formerly Google Play Movies and TV). It could not be loaded.

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At the start of the shutdown, the YouTube site itself seemed to load fine, but the videos themselves kept showing the loading wheel. A Verge employee received a video of the load in about a minute. Around 8 p.m. ET, we see such error screens every time we try to watch a video:

At 9:13 PM ET, YouTube gave the all-clear:

YouTube Down
YouTube went down but now announces fix after global problems Wednesday | Trending Update News

Things seemed to be back at 8:30 pm. ET, but you may have found some quirks. At this point, the videos posted on the You Tube site seem to work as usual. A Verge employee saw error messages in the mobile app, but they were removed with an update. You Tube TV was on a cellphone for another Verge employee when the app was shut down by the military.

DownDetector has shown a large number of user reports of problems with You Tube, indicating that the problem is widespread. DownDetector charts peaked with over 280,000 user reports in under an hour. Many Twitter users reported that You Tube does not match or that “YouTube searches are disabled”.

When he reached out to You Tube for comment, he referred us to the tweet we included in this story.

Updated Nov 11 at 8:51 PM ET: You Tube seems to be evolving, so we’ve made a lot of changes over time.

Update, 9:16 pm ET: Everything was clearly added by You Tube.

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