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The cool show Fisk from Australia might come back for a third season on ABC Television.

ABC asked for a third season of Fisk in November 2021, and it came out in 2022. They filmed it in North Melbourne, just like the first season, but with fewer COVID-19 restrictions this time.

Kitty Flanagan, who plays Helen Tudor-Fisk and wrote the show, got three awards for her great work. Fisk also won Best Television Comedy Series at the 2021 AACTA Awards.

The story is about Flanagan’s character, a lawyer named Helen Tudor-Fisk. Her life falls apart at work and in her personal life, so she decides to move from Sydney to Melbourne.

When Could Fisk Season 3 Release?

After Season 2 finished in November 2022, they haven’t officially approved Season 3 of Fisk yet. Julia Zemiro, who plays Roz Gruber, told Yahoo! that she’s optimistic about Season 3, but it depends on Kitty and Penny Flanagan writing the script:

“So Kitty and Penny are tonight working, and touring a lot doing Kitty’s show. So it’s really about, have they written it?” 

Also, Zemiro mentioned that she thinks “Season 2 ended on a beautiful kind of finish,” but she’s keeping her fingers and toes crossed, hoping that they make a Season 3:

“I also feel like Season 2 ended on this beautiful kind of finish. She became partner, right? So– but look, as Kitty likes to say, we’re happily writing one. Who knows if it gets made? So I’m crossing all my fingers and all my toes.”

There’s some hope for Season 3 of Fisk as it started streaming on Netflix and became quite popular. The Sydney Morning Herald mentioned that in its second week, Fisk made it to the top 10 shows worldwide. This followed a successful first week for Season 1, which secured a top 10 spot in seven countries.

Season 2, which was approved in November 2021, premiered on October 26, 2022, and took about 11 months to produce. Considering this schedule, if they decide on Fisk Season 3 in 2024, it might not be out until late 2024 or early 2025.

Fisk Season 3’s Potential Cast

Even though there’s no official word on Fisk Season 3, it’s expected that most of the cast will come back.

Kitty Flanagan, the creator and main actor of the comedy series is well-known for her various roles on the Australian sketch comedy series Full Frontal. She also voiced Sandy in the animated series Kangaroo Beach and played Rhonda Stewart in the Australian comedy series Utopia.

Fans are hopeful for the return of Marty Sheargold, Julia Zemiro, Aaron Chen, and Debra Lawrance in Season 3. They would reprise their roles as Ray Gruber, Roz Gruber, George, and May, respectively, in Fisk.

Here’s a list of the expected cast members who could return in Fisk Season 3:

  • Kitty Flanagan – Helen Tudor-Fisk
  • Marty Sheargold – Ray Gruber
  • Julia Zemiro – Roz Gruber
  • Aaron Chen – George
  • Debra Lawrance – May
  • George Henare – Graham
  • John Gaden – Anthony Fisk

What Could Happen in Fisk Season 3?

In Season 2, Helen Tudor-Fisk deals with being a partner at Gruber & Gruber, handling a variety of legal cases from disputes to copyright issues. The dynamics at the firm change when Roz Gruber starts her mediation practice within the Gruber office, causing tension with George, the clerk, and sparking conflicts with Helen. Helen’s personal life takes a surprising turn due to Viktor’s matchmaking, leading to an awkward encounter with Howard.

Journalist Simon Bramovich targets Helen, leading her and Ray to pursue a defamation lawsuit. The season explores workplace dynamics, family relationships, and the consequences of media scrutiny. Helen’s journey culminates in achieving partnership status, a significant transformation from an unemployed divorcee to a successful lawyer. Winning the defamation case safeguards her professional standing, and she makes a generous donation to Roz’s nonprofit.

Season 2 ends with Helen’s name on the partnership board, symbolizing her hard-earned success and setting the stage for comedic developments in Fisk Season 3.

In a potential Season 3, Helen and the firm could face new clients and handle different cases, suggesting positive developments for Gruber & Fisk Solicitors.

Fisk is streaming now on Netflix.

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