GTA 7 Trends Online Following Rockstar’s New GTA 6 Trailer

Posted By: Sophia Andrew

Posted On: December 5, 2023


GTA 7 is getting a lot of attention online because of the first video showing Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 6. The video came out earlier than planned because of another big leak.

The new video showed us the main character, Lucia, and revealed that the game’s story happens in Vice City (a made-up version of Miami) and nearby areas. It looks like social media platforms like TikTok and live streaming will be important in the game.

People are super excited about the upcoming game from Rockstar, but the excitement is so huge that now people are also talking about another sequel that might not come out for more than ten years.

Fans Are Already Talking About GTA 7

Even though the latest trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 just got released, people are already talking about GTA 7 on the social media platform X (used to be called Twitter). The trend has gone beyond 9,000 posts.

On X, @davidehrlich playfully asked the world, “Okay but when does GTA 7 come out?:”

@Weedmaps jokingly claimed, “Weed is going to be legalized everywhere before GTA 7:”

Alongside a GIF of Mike Tyson, @r_speedy22 joined the choir of people asking, “When’s GTA 7???:”

@iqkev offered up a GIF of Bryan Cranston’s Walter White from Breaking Bad collapsing to the ground, comparing him to “Rockstar Games after seeing GTA 7 trending:”

@Creatormigraine added another reaction GIF with Antony Starr’s Homelander from The Boys, noting, “They got GTA 7 trending already:”

Probably Best to Focus on GTA 6 For Now

Looking ahead is exciting, but if GTA 7 follows a release schedule like GTA 6, fans might have to wait until 2037. So, even though waiting for the next game seems far off, it’s not as distant as waiting fourteen years.

Considering how popular and profitable Grand Theft Auto V has been since its 2013 release, GTA 6 will likely have a long and successful run. This is especially true since the online mode of the game may turn into its own project in the future, similar to what happened with GTA V and Red Dead Redemption.

Fans might want to ask Rockstar Games to release more games in general. Many would love to see a Red Dead Redemption III or even Bully 2.

As of now, GTA 6 is set to come out on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S sometime in 2025.

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