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We’re not sure if they’re making John Wick 5 yet, but let me tell you what we do know about the possible next movie with Keanu Reeves.

The John Wick series began as a small, straight-to-DVD movie idea from Chad Stahelski, who was a stuntman turned director. But it quickly became a much-loved cinematic universe. With four movies already made, directed by Stahelski and starring Keanu Reeves, the series is growing. In 2023, there’s a prequel show called “The Continental” coming to streaming services, and in 2024, there’s a new movie called “Ballerina,” led by Ana De Armas.

When Will John Wick 5 Release?

Even though they mentioned John Wick 5 when they announced John Wick: Chapter 4, we still don’t know when it’s coming out, and there’s no guarantee it will happen.

During a talk about the studio’s earnings in the fourth quarter of 2023, Lionsgate chairman Joe Drake shared that they are working on John Wick 5, but he didn’t give a release date. He mentioned the spinoff, ‘Ballerina,’ coming out soon, and they are also developing three other projects, including the fifth John Wick movie and the TV series ‘The Continental.’ Drake assured fans that they are actively expanding the John Wick world and that there will be a regular flow of John Wick content.

Despite director Chad Stahelski expressing uncertainty about making John Wick 5, the studio seems to be moving forward with the idea.

In an interview in April 2023, Stahelski mentioned that he wouldn’t mind doing John Wick 5, but he felt like they wrapped up the story with Chapter 4. He explained that they put everything they had into the fourth movie and felt satisfied with the conclusion.

Although Stahelski has hinted at having ideas for a fifth movie, he also mentioned needing time to breathe and assess how the latest installment performs. He admitted to having thoughts and fragments of ideas but emphasized the importance of taking a break.

While the director might not be fully on board for John Wick 5 just yet, the studio appears to be proceeding with the assumption that it will happen, especially with plans for other spinoffs and projects expanding the John Wick universe.

If Chad Stahelski directs John Wick 5, filming might not start until around 2025, and we may have to wait until 2026 for its release. However, if Lionsgate wants to speed things up, they might proceed without Stahelski, the filmmaker who has been with the series from the start. In that case, the timeline could be different.

What Could Happen In John Wick 5?

If John Wick 5 becomes a reality, it will be interesting to see where the story takes the iconic assassin.

At the end of John Wick: Chapter 4, Keanu Reeves’ character is thought to be dead after settling his debt with the mysterious Table. To continue the story in a fifth movie, Mr. Wick will likely need to be brought back to life to face a new threat.

One possible direction for the film could involve exploring the top levels of the Table itself. Although the organization has been present in every John Wick film, it has remained mysterious. John Wick 5 might reveal more about the organization by introducing a key figure at its helm. John could target the very head of the organization, resolving the troubles that have plagued him. Faking his death could be a strategic move to infiltrate this all-powerful cabal.

In an interview with The Direct, Chad Stahelski, the director, expressed his interest in working with certain actors in the franchise. Names like Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., and Jurnee Smollett were mentioned as potential actors to portray formidable villains at the head of the Table. Their inclusion could add a new layer of complexity to the story and bring fresh challenges for John Wick to overcome.

John Wick 5 Cast: Who Would Return?

Keanu Reeves – John Wick

In John Wick: Chapter 4, Keanu Reeves’ character, John Wick, finally resolves his issues with the mysterious organization known as the Table. The story concludes with John Wick seemingly meeting his end. However, the details of his death are left unclear, leaving room for the possibility that he might return for one last adventure in the world of international assassination. The ambiguity surrounding his fate leaves the door open for future developments in the John Wick saga.

Ian McShane – Winston Scott

Ian McShane’s character, Winston Scott, is a friend and ally of Keanu Reeves’ John Wick in the movie series. Winston, the seasoned figure in the John Wick franchise and former manager of the New York Continental was last seen overseeing John’s grave alongside the Bowery King.

As the fate of John Wick remains uncertain, it appears that Winston might hold the key to the true destiny of the franchise’s central character. If John is still alive, Winston, with his knowledge and connection to the intricate world of assassins, might approach John for one final mission. The possibility of Winston coming back into the picture adds an intriguing layer to the potential continuation of the John Wick story.

Laurence Fishburne – Bowery King

Laurence Fishburne, known for his role in The Matrix alongside Keanu Reeves, also appears in the John Wick universe as the Bowery King. This character, the leader of the underground, has been a valuable ally to John Wick, assisting as he eludes assassins over the years.

Given that Fishburne’s character, the Bowery King, oversees a global intelligence organization known as the Soup Kitchen, he probably possesses information about whether Mr. Wick survived the events depicted in John Wick: Chapter 4. The Bowery King’s involvement could potentially play a crucial role in revealing the fate of John Wick and setting the stage for future developments in the storyline.

Donnie Yen – Caine

In John Wick 4, the renowned martial artist and actor Donnie Yen became part of the action-packed universe as Caine. This character, a blind assassin and former friend of John Wick was initially hired to eliminate Keanu Reeves’ titular assassin but reconciled with him by the end of the film.

In the post-credits scene of John Wick 4, Caine is shown, hinting at a potential future for the character in the franchise. He is confronted by Akira, possibly related to his earlier attack on the Tokyo Continental at the beginning of the fourth film. This setup suggests that Caine’s story might continue in the John Wick series, adding another layer of intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

Shamier Anderson – Tracker

Shamier Anderson’s character, Tracker, in John Wick, is a prime candidate for a spin-off. Initially a bounty hunter pursuing John Wick for profit, Tracker has a change of heart after receiving assistance from Keanu Reeves’ character. This shift leads him to aid the fugitive assassin.

Despite Tracker’s significant role in the story, little is known about his background and origins. If a fifth John Wick film were to materialize, it would present an opportunity to delve into Tracker’s mysterious past and explore the details that have remained undisclosed. Unraveling Tracker’s backstory could add depth to the character and provide fans with a fresh perspective on the John Wick universe.

John Wick 5 Trailer: When Would It Come Out?

As of now, there is no information available regarding the trailer for John Wick 5, mainly because the film does not have a confirmed release date. However, if we follow the pattern set by the previous John Wick films (starting with John Wick: Chapter 2), the first trailer tends to debut approximately six months before the movie’s release.

So, once John Wick 5 gets an official release date, fans can reasonably anticipate a trailer within six months of that announcement. Additionally, if the production of John Wick 5 begins soon, there’s a possibility that a trailer could be revealed either as a stinger for the upcoming Ballerina spin-off film (scheduled for a 2024 release) or as one of the previews attached to Ballerina during its theatrical release.

Would John Wick 5 Be the Last One?

Originally, the plan was for John Wick 5 to be the concluding chapter of the successful action movie franchise. Chapters 4 and 5 were announced together in 2019 to film them back-to-back, creating a two-part finale to wrap up the series. However, plans seem to have evolved over the years, especially considering the current state of the John Wick character in the series.

If and when the series returns for a fifth film, it is likely to be the final mainline John Wick movie, at least with Keanu Reeves in the lead role. Reeves is presently 58 years old and will be in his early sixties by the time John Wick 5 is released. The process of making a John Wick movie is physically demanding for Reeves and the filmmakers. Reeves is known for performing many, if not all, of his stunts in each film, and there are limitations to how long he can continue doing this.

However, the end of the mainline movies doesn’t mean the end of the John Wick legacy. The series is branching out into spin-offs, with Ballerina set to release next year and the prequel, The Continental, already expanding the universe. There are even hints of a ‘secret’ Wick movie in the works at Lionsgate, suggesting that even if Reeves’ iconic hitman isn’t physically present, his legacy will continue to have a presence on the big screen for years to come.

John Wick: Chapter 4 is available for purchase both digitally and physically now.

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