Raj Kundra Net Worth 2023? Who is Rich Raj Kundra or Shilpa Shetty?

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Posted On: October 24, 2023


Raj Kundra Net Worth 2023: Shilpa Shetty’s husband, Raj Kundra, is getting ready to make his first appearance in a Bollywood movie called UT69. The trailer for the film has been released, and it’s set to hit theaters on November 3.

During the trailer launch event for UT69, Raj Kundra became emotional and requested that the media and the public refrain from involving his child and wife in the situation. This marks the first time that Raj Kundra has openly addressed his arrest related to the production of explicit content.

UT69 is set to be a biographical film about Raj Kundra, depicting his life and his time in jail. The trailer begins with a ‘breaking news’ segment about Raj’s well-known arrest, which stirred controversy in 2021.

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About Raj Kundra

Raj Kundra, born on September 9, 1975, in London, is a businessman. He was recognized as the 198th wealthiest British Asian by Success. His family relocated to London, where his father, Bal Krishan Kundra, was employed as a bus conductor, and his mother, Usha Rani Kundra, worked as a shop assistant.

In 2007, Kundra made a move to Dubai to kickstart his business venture, Essential General Trading LLC. This company focused on dealing with precious metals, construction, mining, and renewable energy projects. During this period, he was also engaged in the financing and production of Bollywood films.

Raj Kundra’s Wife and Children

Many people may not be aware, but Raj Kundra has been married twice. His first wife was Kavita Kundra, with whom he had a daughter. However, the couple eventually separated, and Raj Kundra’s daughter now resides with her mother in London.

Following his divorce from Kavita, Raj Kundra tied the knot with Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty in 2009. Currently, Raj and Shilpa Shetty are proud parents to two children: a son named Viaan Raj Kundra and a daughter named Samisha Raj Kundra.

Who is Rich Raj Kundra or Shilpa Shetty?

According to the most recent data, Raj Kundra boasts an estimated net worth of around Rs. 2000 crore. He owns numerous companies, including Groupco Developers, TMT Global, Vivaan Industries, and JL Stream Pvt. Ltd. Additionally, Raj Kundra is a co-partner of the IPL team, Rajasthan Royals.

In contrast, Raj Kundra’s wife, Shilpa Shetty, possesses a net worth of approximately Rs. 150 crore. She has appeared in numerous films, hosts various reality shows, and serves as the brand ambassador for several brands. It’s worth noting that their financial assets are jointly managed, meaning that the wealth they both have is shared equally.

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