Sistas Season 7 Gets Imminent Release Date (Report)

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Posted On: December 19, 2023


We might have learned when Sistas Season 7 will come out on Black Entertainment Television (BET) from a recent announcement.

Even though Season 6 of Sistas hasn’t finished airing (it’s set to premiere on Wednesday, December 27), people are already excited about Season 7. However, BET hasn’t officially confirmed the renewal yet. The network might share the news after Season 6 concludes.

When Will Sistas Season 7 Release?

Rotten Tomatoes recently posted details about the potential release dates for the initial two episodes of Sistas Season 7. According to the listing, Episode 1 is expected to be out on Wednesday, January 3, 2024, followed by Episode 2 on Wednesday, January 10.

The listing also provided brief summaries for both episodes. Episode 1, titled “New Beginnings,” is said to depict the conflicts arising from “new romances and old tensions.”

“New romances and old tensions collide as we check in on the lives of Andi, Karen, Danni, Sabrina, and Fatima three months later.”

As for Episode 2, it’s called “Drunk In Love,” and it will center around “the Sista’s first boozy brunch with Fatima.”

“The Sista’s first boozy brunch with Fatima opens the door to new perspectives, salacious topics, and everyone’s take on Karen’s pregnancy. Gary goes from blaming Penelope for his creep-like behavior to.”

There’s a possibility that the following episodes of Sistas Season 7 will come out on consecutive Wednesdays. While this information isn’t fully confirmed, an official announcement might be on the way shortly after the Season 7 finale, especially since Episode 1 is scheduled for Wednesday, January 3.

In the past, the announcement for Season 6 came about a month after Season 5 concluded, and there was also a short gap between Season 3 and Season 4. If the current listing holds, we might hear about Season 7 getting renewed even before Season 6 wraps up.

Considering Sistas’ popularity on BET, a renewal wouldn’t be surprising as it is one of the network’s most well-received series.

What To Expect in Sistas Season 7

As Season 6 of Sistas nears its conclusion, there’s a lot of uncertainty about what might unfold in Season 7. The descriptions of the upcoming episodes in Season 7 hint at significant twists and turns that will impact the main cast, including Andi (KJ Smith), Karen (Ebony Obsidian), and Danni (Mignon Von).

Karen’s pregnancy is expected to be a central focus in Season 7, and the aftermath of revelations about Gary’s (Chido Nwokocha) double life will also play a role. With Que (Mackenro Alexander) out of jail, it suggests he could have a more active role in the lives of the core friend group.

The status of Aaron (Kevin Walton) in Season 7 remains uncertain, especially given his absence in a significant portion of Season 6. However, the possibility of a surprise appearance in the finale could open the door for a more prominent role in the upcoming season, considering his popularity among fans. The unfolding events in the final episodes of Season 6 will likely set the stage for the exciting developments in Season 7.

Sistas Season 6 airs on BET every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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