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Sophie Turner is an actress, born on February 21, 1996. She’s famous for her role as Sansa Stark in the TV show “Game of Thrones,” which she played for eight seasons. This role made her well-known worldwide and got her a lot of praise from critics. She’s been nominated for awards like the Screen Actors Guild Award and Young Artist Award for her great acting. Today is her birthday, and she’s a talented actress we should celebrate!

Sophie Turner Overview

Full Name: Sophie Belinda Turner
Birth date: February 21, 1996
Age: 27
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 5′ 9″
Relationship Status: Married
Net Worth: $8 million

Sophie Turner Career

When she was just 15 years old, Sophie started acting. In 2011, she had her first acting job in the series Game of Thrones. Playing the character Sansa Stark in the show made her well-known in the entertainment world.

They started filming in July 2010 when Turner was just 14 years old. The series ran from 2011 to 2019, and it had a total of eight seasons.

She appeared in her first movie, “Another Me,” in 2013. After that, she acted in many movies and TV shows like “X-Men: Apocalypse,” “The Thirteen Tale,” “The Prince,” “Survive,” “The Staircase,” and more.

Because of her great acting, she has won several awards. Some of them include Best Global Actress, Best UK TV Actress, International Movie Award, and Best Supporting Actress in Drama.

Sophie Turner Relationship/ Husband/ Boyfriend/ Family

Sophie Turner’s dad is named Andrew, and he works at a company that deals with pallet distribution. Her mom, Sally, is a teacher at a nursery school.

She has two older brothers, James and Will. She also had a twin, but sadly, the twin didn’t make it and passed away before being born.

In 2016, Sophie started dating Joe Jonas, an American singer. They met and fell in love quickly, but they kept their relationship secret at first. Later on, they told everyone about it. They got engaged in October 2017 and got married on May 1, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada. They had another wedding in Paris, France, on June 29, 2019.

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Some Interesting Facts

  1. Sophie Turner is an actress.
  2. She received huge fame in the series Game of Thrones with her character of Sansa Stark.
  3. She is active on social media with her Instagram, Twitter, and other accounts.
  4. Her husband Joe Jonas is a singer, songwriter, and actor.
  5. The couple is blessed with a baby girl named Willa Jonas.
  6. She achieved five GCSE A-grades and four Bs, including in Drama.
  7. She became patron of Women for Women organization which supports female war survivors.
  8. In June 2017, she became the first international brand ambassador and began a partnership with Wella Hair.
  9. She was the inspiration behind the song Hesitate which was written as a love letter to her by her husband.
  10. She has been struggling with depression and openly talks about it.
  11. Since the age of 3 years she has been a member of the theatre company Playbox Theatre Company.
  12. She belongs to a renowned family from her husband’s side as all of hem are renowned names.

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